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2021-04-14 · The wiring for the DISA valve is present and the DME only needs to be programmed to get them working. The trick is to find a used or new manifold from a 330i or 330xi high output model. These models have 255 hp stock, much more than the N51 at 230 or even some of the lower powered N52 engines at 215 hp.

$75.95. The DISA Valve adjusts the intake manifold runner length to improve performance. When it fails it can lead to a rough idle and perhaps a engine fault code light. This adjusting unit fits cars with N52 or N51 engine - not N52N models. This is the smalller of the 2 DISA Valves on this motor it is considered the "Upper Disa valve".

Disa valve

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Bent valve Jun 15, 2020 Hi all Just before i pull the trigger on an OEM disa for my 1.9 m44. I was wondering if anyone has had success using an aftermarket unit. Bmw DISA valve for E46, E36, X3 (E83), Z4 (E85), E60/E61, E39 models. Vaico is the OE manufacturer of the BMW original DISA valves. The DISA valve is a  Nov 11, 2019 So, as my 100K curse continues, I developed a vacuum leak(confirmed via smoke test) at the DISA valve.

11617502269; M54-B25. OK; Utan anmärkning; (A).

Also known as DISA valve: 328i (E93) - Convertible - 3.0L 6 Cyl (24 Valve) Also known as DISA valve: 2010 BMW 328i Engine Intake Manifold Adjusting Unit: 328i (E90) - 3.0L 6 Cyl (24 Valve) Also known as DISA valve: 328i (E91) - Wagon - 3.0L 6 Cyl (24 Valve) Also known as DISA valve: 328i (E92) - Coupe - 3.0L 6 Cyl (24 Valve) Also known as DISA

Rough running at idle. DTC codes and a loss in low end torque. Rattling, buzzing or clicking noise from the engine?Fault codes: lean condition(P1083, P1085), f… BMW E 90 2.5 N 52 Valvetronic.

Disa valve

GRENRÖR INSUG, BMW 5-SERIES -01; DISA SPJÄLL; AB Svenssons Bildemontering, 044-244117. 11617502269; M54-B25. OK; Utan anmärkning; (A). 2001 - 

Disa valve

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Disa valve

974,25 kr. Rekommenderat pris: 1699 kr. Lägg i varukorgen. Tryggt köp. - Handla säkert  BMW (11 61 7 544 806) Air Intake Manifold Adjuster Enhet Disa Valve..
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Being that the vehicle has 129,xxx  Air Intake Manifold Adjuster Disa Valve For BMW E46 E39 320 325 520 525 M54 520i. Most. Competitive Price.

Kolven trycker ut resten av avgaserna. I ett mach diagram kan man se att avgasernas hastighet ökar över ventilsätet mot slutet av pumpningsfasen när ventilen  DISA Valve Replacement Tips. BMW has installed DISA valves across a wide range of engines.
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DISA is "Differential Intake Air Control", also known as variable length intake runners. It's a flap system that redirects the intake air inside the manifold depending on load and RPM. The N52O has two DISA valves - upper and lower. This part is the lower valve, located under the throttle body on the driver's side and it works at low and mid RPM.

It’s a component used on various BMW engine platforms from 2001-2012 to control the length of the intake manifold runner. As you know, the DISA valve function is to vary the length of the intake runners to improve torque at lower RPM by adjusting airflow across some cylinders and shutting it off from others. If rattling as you say, you're right to replace it. Don't attempt a repair. The DISA valve, otherwise known as the "Intake Manifold Adjuster Unit", is located on the side of the intake manifold and is a common failure item on the BMW M54 engines. The failures are caused by the use of plastic parts for critical components of the DISA valve and the way the parts snap together.

BMW E 90 2.5 N 52 Valvetronic. The car came to us on a tow truck because the owner, after starting the engine, heard non-room tapes in the engine and not equal to the engine's work. After the presentation, it turned out that the disa valve had been damaged and the tamp from this valve fell into the combustion chamber.

Competitive Price. Manufacturer. We know our products. Mar 12, 2016 BMW's from 2001-2012 contain a BMW DISA Valve to open a secondary passage in the intake manifold to change the length of the intake  Sep 15, 2009 E60 Discussion - DISA valve completely broken laying in air intake - So that is the call I get today-I opted to have my spark plugs changed and  I wanted to do some preventative maintenance as my car is about 150k kms soon and wanted to check that my DISA valve is OK or needs to be  Might be a silly question but what is the DISA valve and why does mine rattle. Ive seen it mentioned in another thread to unplug the connector  These engines have intake with two DISA valves, which are opening one after another, depending of RPM. In the image: DISA valve connection of N53B30 O0. Find great deals on eBay for disa valve.

Step 3:. Install the two bolts which secure the DISA valve to 2019-12-14 2019-04-23 BMW 330i 325i E46 DISA Valve Operation Test - YouTube. How to completely test your DISA valve, also called the Intake Manifold Resonance Valve, for functionality before you decide to repair it. To replace a DISA Valve, first locate the valve in the engine: Remove the two (2) Torx screws to pull out the DISA valve unit: It will look something like this: (The orange circle is the O-Ring that will be replaced.